All Thine Increase


   All Thine Increase Tithe and Offering journal was designed to encourage believers to become faithful to God in honoring Him first with the first fruits of increase-Tithe and Offering. Each journal teaches believers to give by following a unique formula given by the Lord.

 Included in this journal are scriptures for you to stand on. Prayer and answered prayer spaces are also encouraged, and sections are provided for you to write down your prayers to look back on later. You can also write a love letter/note to God letting Him know how wonderful He is etc., followed by a miracles section to serve as testimonies of His great work. Instructions on how to use this journal are also provided.  Check out the link below for more information on how to use.

This journal works well for New Years resolutions, membership classes, 30-day or longer challenges, becoming a giver, teachings on tithes and offerings, and more.

Are you ready? Set. . .? GROW!