All Thine Increase


Why I Pay My Tithes

Crystal Brown

In 2015, I lived on Bonanza between MLK and Rancho in a studio loft that was $400 a month. It wasn’t the prettiest on the outside, crack heads lived there, and a gang lived right around the corner, the complex had abandoned units boarded up, and the condo had insects for days. I did my best to keep the inside clean and bought new furniture for the place. On the inside you couldn’t tell that the outside was a disaster. I liked the condo and would have stayed if it was in a different location-- minus the insects. My lease was up about 4 months. I made sure everything was cleaned with the help of my mom, and my daughter’s dad moved me out. I had a walk through, which I was told everything was good and I gave them (Black and Cherry Realtor) the key and left expecting to get my security deposit back.

Sometime later I called regarding the return of my deposit in which I was told I wouldn’t be getting it back because of a whole list of untrue things that the company lied about. I had proof that I left with the house cleaned even better than when I moved in, I had pictures, but the company still said that I owed them money for damages. I was so stressed because they were lying, I needed that money and I didn’t do anything wrong. So, I looked over the lease several times to see if there was something in it that could keep them from taking my money. I was going to take this all the way to court. Being so stressed out and full of despair I finally went to the Lord about it. I told Him how I did everything right and yet they were stealing from me. I was full of anger and hurt, but then I heard the Lord say,

 “You stole from Me.”

I said bewilderedly, “When Lord, have I stolen from you?”

 He said, “With Tithing.”

 I was so shocked!!!! I didn’t realize that I was literally stealing from the Lord when I periodically paid my tithes. And I had understood the feeling of how it felt like to do everything right and have money stolen from you. I felt that very deeply.

 So, I said to the Lord, “Lord please forgive me, I didn’t know. I will start paying my tithes from now on.”

(Now let me just mention that before all this happened, for a while maybe about a year or a year and a half, I had this thought in my heart to pay my tithes regularly every time I got paid. I thought about it but didn’t do it. I guess this situation was the only way to get my attention because I can’t stand a thief. I don’t even like things out of place.) However, I said that because I knew how it felt. I wasn’t looking to be blessed or anything, but I didn’t want to do that to Him anymore. Shortly after I repented, I felt led to look over my lease agreement again, so I did. I sat on the couch and read each line slowly and carefully. I asked the Lord to open my eyes and give me understanding, and the Lord did just that. I seen that the company was only supposed to charge me up to and no more than fifty dollars for damages and repairs. HA! God is so good!! I couldn’t believe it, I went over that lease at least five times before! I emailed the company explaining my finding and reluctantly they gave me my money back $250, minus fifty dollars.

That is the reason why I pay my tithes and offering faithfully to the Lord now. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes through that experience!